Power Battery 6 Similar to the iPhone 5S?

Power Battery 6 Similar to the iPhone 5S? - Gadget Iphone Smartphone
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Power Battery 6 Similar to the iPhone 5S?

The capacity of the battery becomes the focus for some smartphone vendors. Large capacity battery allows the device is able to live longer.

Reported by Slashgear, Tuesday (07/08/2014), Apple hopes will be pinned on the user more power on the iPhone 6, including the matter of the battery capacity. Rumors said that the battery capacity is considered to be small, on the iPhone 5S 1570mAh similar to the iPhone 6.

It is not known exactly how much capacity the battery on the iPhone 6. Recent rumors of China revealed that Apple adopts 1800 1900mAh battery capacity.

Increased battery capacity must be done Apple for the iPhone 6 appear with a larger screen. Unlike the iPhone 5S that carries 4-inch screen, the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen and 5.5-inch models are expected to be present with a larger battery capacity.

Latest-generation iPhone reportedly perform with 6mm thin body. With the thinness, the user can get a new experience in using the iPhone, which is expected to show better battery powers the device for a thinner body.