Ignored iOS 8, iPhone 6 using iOS system 9

Ignored iOS 8, iPhone 6 using iOS system 9 - Gadget Iphone
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ignored iOS 8, iPhone 6 using iOS system 9

In the midst of news and the emergence of the concepts of Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 6, a designer from Georgia brings a new design similar to that estimated nextgen smartphone design that is now being worked on Apple. One of the most unique part of the iPhone 6 concept is the work of Giorgi Tedoradze existing operating system, the iOS 9, instead of iOS 8. As we know, until now, Apple is still struggling with iOS 8 that just came out a few months ago. 

For outdoor display sector, the iPhone 6 has a thickness of 6.8 mm with a 4.7-inch wide screen. Width is small enough touted to be the demand of fans who did not like the iPhone if Apple trailing Samsung to make the smartphone as wide as possible. 

Another special feature is the visible quad-core processor speed of 1.6 GHz to improve the performance of a screen resolution of 840 x 1436. There is also a rear camera that is 'evolved' into a 10 MP with OIS feature. Tedoradze buried a 2,450 mAh capacity battery as an energy source from his work that the iPhone 6. 

The design work Tedoradze as very similar to the previous news that illustrates the iPhone 6 from some reliable sources. One important distinction between the iPhone 6 Tedoradze with news being circulated is no arch on the smartphone screen. Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 6 will perform later in September with an additional 5.5-inch size model.